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By Randy O. Wayne

ISBN-10: 0124114849

ISBN-13: 9780124114845

Серьёзная современная книга о микроскопии.

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2f so 5 2f f , so , 2f so 5 f so , f Orientation Relative Size Image Formed by a Converging Lens Real Real Real Virtual Object Anywhere Location f , si , 2f si 5 2f N . si . 2f N jsij . 23 Image formation by a converging lens with focal length f. The object with height yo and the image with height yi are distances so and si from the lens, respectively. xo 5 so 2 f and xi 5 si 2 f. xi ðso si Þð1=fÞð1=so si Þ 5 fðso 1 si Þð1=fÞð1=so si Þ fo β xo Cancel like terms. 22. which is the Gaussian lens equation.

A ray that strikes a diverging lens parallel to the principal axis appears to have come from the image focus (fi). A ray that strikes a converging lens after it passes through the object focus (fo) emerges parallel to the principal axis. A ray that strikes a diverging lens on its way to the object focus (fo) emerges parallel to the principal axis. ● 29 A ray that passes through the vertex (V) of a converging or diverging lens passes through undeviated. 5 characterizes the type, location, orientation, and relative size of images formed by converging and diverging lenses.

Remember that the tangent is the ratio of the length of the opposite side to the length of the adjacent side. 23, we see that: s o 5 f o 1 xo s i 5 f i 1 xi Rearranging we get: x o 5 so 2 f o xi 5 s i 2 f i Since xi/fi 5 fo/xo, then ðsi 2 f i Þ=f i 5 f o =ðso 2 f o Þ For a biconvex or biconcave lens fo 5 fi 5 f, therefore ðsi 2 fÞ=f 5 f=ðso 2 fÞ f 2 5 ðso 2 fÞðsi 2 fÞ f 2 5 so si 2 so f 2 si f 1 f 2 f 2 2 f 2 5 so si 2 so f 2 si f 5 0 so si 5 so f 1 si f 5 fðso 1 si Þ Multiply both sides by (1/f) (1/sosi) The minus sign comes from including the vectorial nature of the distances and applying the sign conventions for lenses.

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