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By S. L. MacGregor Mathers

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Somebody who's learning the Golden sunrise approach wishes this quantity to accomplish their collection,this is simply an prior printing of formality Magic of the Golden sunrise, Works via MacGregor Mathers and others. A nearly entire collections of Flyring Rolls from the Golden sunrise.

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Here is an example of such a simple ceremony, dating from about 1 89 5 : 1 0 10 The document I now reproduce (known as Flying Roll XXXIV -the term Flying Roll is explained at a later stage of this introduc­ tion) was written by J. W. Brodie-Innes, a Scottish lawyer and novelist, under his Order motto of Sub Spe. ), S. L. ) and Dr. Berridge (Resurgam). 39 INTRODUCTION Flying Roll XXXIV-An Exorcism by Frater Sub Spe My wife had suffered a severe attack of influenza; her recovery was followed by great exhaustion, an exhaustion which ultimately I came to share.

I felt him (my guide) mentally order me to command the appearance of the obsessing entity, using the Names JHVH, ADNI, AGLA, AHIH. I did so and the mist thickened and formed a kind of nucleus. My guide then instructed me, 'Use the Name of the Lord Jesus'. I did so, commanding in that name a fuller manifestation. I saw, at first dimly, 'as in a glass darkly', and then with complete clarity, a most foul shape, between a bloated big-bellied toad and a malicious ape. My guide spoke to me in an audible voice, saying 'Now smite it with all your force, using the Name of the Lord Jesus'.

Wood­ ford amongst the papers of Fred Hockley, who had died in 1885. It was the discovery (and transcription) of these manu­ scripts that was the immediate cause of the foundation of the Hermetic Order of the Golden Dawn, the organisation whose activities and teaching were largely responsible for the survival of the so-called 'Wes tern Esoteric Tradition' and whose mem­ bers, although few in number, exerted an enormous, while sometimes hidden, influence on their own time and times since. These manuscripts are of such importance that I feel it worth spending a short time upon an examination of their contents.

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