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He listed no fewer than twenty-two reasons which disposed him to adopt a position which was generally sceptical although it was far from clearly defined. Kazhdan's objections impress more by their number than by their weight. They fall roughly into two broad categories, literary and historical, and will be considered briefly and selectively in that order. Since Kaminiates is the otherwise unknown writer of a single work and since Byzantine prose literature, though it embraces different levels of style, displays no continuous line of stylistic development or linguistic evolution, stylistic criteria are unlikely to throw much light on the present question.

Quite early, it seems, Thessaloniki became the see of a bishop, whose rank by 325 had been elevated to that of an archbishop; he maintained a xli Introduction superiority among the archbishops of the Prefecture of Illyricum and he was the Pope's representative for the prefecture until ca 732, when the jurisdiction of the see was transferred from Rome to the Patriarchate of Constantinople (see note 9). Splendid churches like those of St. George, St. Demetrios, the Acheiropoietos and St. Sophia, to mention only the major ones (Kaminiates §11), as well as a number of monastic establishments both within and outside the city walls (Kaminiates §5 and §38), are evidence of the major ecclesiastical and spiritual role the city played in the life of the inhabitants of the area from the very early times of its history in the Christian period.

339 ed. Garland; Spieser 1984, 74, note 294; Gounaris 1976, 36-39). 5m along the front, and 3m to 6m on the sides protruding from the curtain. 5m up to 15m in height from ground level to the top of the parapet (Tafrali 1913, 87; Fountoukou 1985, 138-142). The thirteen towers in the wall between the city and the Acropolis are all rectangular, and are set quite close to each other to provide a more effective defence. Depending on the nature of the terrain, the distance between towers can vary from 8m to 60m.

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