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By Warren Thompson, Chris Davey

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The americans lagged at the back of their eu contemporaries in army aviation within the overdue Nineteen Thirties, and it took the conflict of england to evoke an remoted the United States to the need of getting plane that may protect objectives opposed to evening assault by means of bomber airplane. With the aid of the RAF, the significance of making any such really good fighter strength used to be given best precedence. This ebook examines the varied airplane forms that have been utilized by the united states during this function, starting with the early 'stop-gap' conversions just like the TBM Avenger, Lockheed Ventura and the A-20 Havoc (P-70).
It is going directly to aspect the wrestle historical past of the more moderen and radar built Hellcats, Corsairs and Black Widows that have been designed to find enemy plane (both German and eastern) in Europe, the Mediterranean and the Pacific. It used to be those airplane that registered many of the kills made by way of the military, Marine Corps and USAAF in 1944-45. eventually there are extra debts from the yankee pilots who hung out at the frontline on alternate excursions with the RAF within the ETO/MTO, studying the intricacies of flying radar-equipped warring parties just like the Mosquito and Beaufighter at evening, ahead of the USAAF taking receipt of the much-delayed P-61. With complete colour profiles and infrequent images, this can be an soaking up account of a frequently underestimated flying strength: the yank Nightfighters.

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Ar rhar angle we were able ro idenrify ir as an Me 110 flying on a course of300 degrees ar 8000 fr (2500 m). Ar only 190 mph (300 km/h), ir was moving slower rhan rhe average bogey. 'We eased back some 100 fr (30 m) dead asrern and Elmore gave ir a long bursr of20 mm. Before you could bl ink an eye rhe Me I 10 exploded, and we were flying righr rhrough rhe debris. We had no rime ro reacr ro rhe violenr impacr of our guns. In a few seconds our aircrafr suffered caregolY A damage, wirh our porr engine on fire, bur Elmore mainrained conrrol.

Ground conrrol veccored us cowards rhe unidenrified conracr and 2Lr Mapes gor a lock on ir. He guided me in close enough co ger a posirive 10 - ir was a Ju 88. I cased back on rhe rhrorrles co ger inro a berrer firing posirion exacrly on the bogey's "six o'clock". I gave ir a shorr bursr of20 mm, which impacred allover rhe inrruder. The hirs musr have been faral because the aircrafr wenr inco a diving rurn. Seconds larer we observed cwo parachures. It was a fast, clean kill. We didn'r get a chance co hang around because we were ar rhe end of our operaring limits and had co rerurn co base.

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