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By Susanna Lee

ISBN-10: 1611482267

ISBN-13: 9781611482263

It is a literary and philosophical research that hyperlinks the belief of secularism to the shape of the radical. It bargains a groundbreaking serious beginning either for knowing the circulate towards an earthly tradition and for interpreting the position of the person in sleek moral, political, and non secular contexts.

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At the start of the chapter entitled: ‘‘A Plot [Un Complot],’’ the narrator inserts this epigraph: ‘‘Random words, accidental encounters [des rencontres par effet du hasard] turn into conclusive evidence in the mind of an imaginative man, if he has a bit of fire in his heart’’ (256; 317). Le rouge et le noir both demands and chronicles the production of narrative strands, the synthesis of ‘‘random words’’ into a chain—for the characters and for the reader. At the same time, it impedes that same production with a deliberate series of disparate elements that both demand and resist connection.

One reading eliminates another, which in turn eliminates another. At the end, when Madame de Reˆnal dies embracing her children, we do not know how many there are. With the variable children, the oracle-coincidence, Providence and chance, and si fata sinant, the narrator shows his hand, or hands, subtly but repeatedly. He shows his authorial gestures to be gestures, spectacles, and performances. On the one hand, this narrator is the undisputed master of his chronicle of 1830, but the question remains: what chronicle is that?

34 Bergson and Janet (both of whom, as Ellenberger writes, ‘‘revealed their deep-seated preoccupation with religion late in life’’),35 wrote of the automatic nature of unconscious reasoning. 37 Georg Groddeck, demonstrating that writings on the unconscious used the discourse of the supernatural well into the twentieth century, insisted that ‘‘man is animated by the Unknown, that there is within him . . some wondrous force which directs both what he himself does, and what happens to him. ’ ’’38 In their readings of Le rouge, Shoshana Felman and Michel Crouzet cite the unconscious, much as Bell cites chance, as an obstacle rather than a key to planned understanding.

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