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By Craig Shaw Gardner

ISBN-10: 0441023142

ISBN-13: 9780441023141

The belief to the paranormal Ebenezum trilogy. "Gardener skewers all of the cliches of quest-fantasy with wit, kind, mordant irony and nice glee-this sequence might have been serialized in nationwide Lampoon or filmed via one of many Pythons!" (Spider Robinson)

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The ferret scrambled out of the cap, which was now filled with flowers. " Alea asked uneasily. " I agreed, shaking the flowers free. " Scarves began to boil out of the hat at an alarming rate. " I cried without thinking, and watched flowers displace the scarves. I let the hat drop. The flowers kept coming. I pushed past Alea to get a better view of the chart. "Wuntie! " "I have to read this," I explained. There had to be some way out of this mess. Everything would be fine if I could only stop this hat producing things before anyone else arrived.

He had sought Vushta as well, to free him from Headbasher's dire curse. All of us had had similar hopes and plans embodied in Vushta. But there had been a further bond holding us together, for, as we won our way closer to Vushta, we discovered an insidious plot on the part of the Nether-hells. No longer were these demons satisfied with ruling the world below the earth. No, now they plotted to conquer the surface world as well and subject us all to their fiendish tyranny. Our only hope to stop them was to reach Vushta and alert the Greater Vushta Academy of Magic and Sorcery of the danger.

Her blond hair shone even in the filtered sunlight here in the hall. The room had become uncomfortably warm for so late in the year. "I shall need all of you as well," the wizard called. "We must search as much of the college as we can before I meet with the other wizards. " Snorphosio asked. "I must say, you are very perceptive for a younger wizard. I am quite astounded that you discerned that even a college this humble would have an underground vault. Did you see some secret panel, or perhaps some mud of a different color, that led you to suspect some underground—" "Indeed," Ebenezum interrupted with a wave of his hand.

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