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In her own words, she described the language of human communication as a “constant weaving and reweaving of metaphorical contexts in which life and language join together in a metabolic process which extends from the extremes of impeding inner life to the enhancement of selfcreation” (p. 142). The study done by Corradi Fiumara is largely grounded after the pioneer findings of Lakoff, Johnson and Turner (Lakoff & Johnson, 1980; Lakoff & Turner, 1989; Turner, 1987), who maintain that the inclination to resort to metaphors is innate among humans and can be seen in the very expressions we use to articulate our thoughts.

The cognitive view asserts that metaphor is a mode of cognition (Lakoff & Johnson, 1980). Furthermore, it recognizes the existence of metaphors beyond the traditional confines of linguistics. This perspective holds that metaphors are present in emotions, events and activities. Goodman (1976) states that symbol systems go beyond language, into music, performance and visual arts, and even in ordinary gestures. For instance, pictures can convey emotions and feelings; hence there can be a good case for pictorial or nonverbal metaphors.

The concept of time and gold may have nothing to do with each other, but once combined they could present a powerful meaning that can easily be understood. Thus, the traditional perspective maintains that metaphors transcend the difficult task of isolating similarities between two quite dissimilar subjects. This view has had a great impact on prevailing views of metaphor, and it arguably still exercises considerable influence in academia, particularly in literary studies. However, later studies have indicated that this simplistic explanation does not and cannot illustrate the total grasp of metaphors, largely because it treats metaphors as being the exclusive property of language.

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